Rollins Park ApartmentsRockville, MD$1,100,000 Fire Restoration – Travelers Insurance

On a cold December morning, a car crashed into a building at Rollins Park Apartments, smashing a natural gas meter which resulted in an explosion and three-alarm fire.

Over 125 firefighters and emergency medical personnel responded to the scene. The fire quickly grew in intensity, aided by the leaking natural gas and a strong wind. When the flames were finally extinguished, four townhouses were completely destroyed by the explosion and fire, and several others received significant damage and were unfit to occupy. All told, seven families were displaced from their homes.

Because of advanced planning and preparations with the property management company through our Quick Response Program, Minkoff Company was on the scene within minutes to stabilize the buildings and begin the recovery process. Just several weeks after the fire, Minkoff Company completed restoration on four of the damaged units and completely rebuilt two of the townhouse units over the course of the next nine months.

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