Embassy of EcuadorWashington, DC$3,500,000 Fire Restoration

A malfunction of the HVAC system at the Embassy of Ecuador caused a fire which burned through the roof. Efforts to extinguish the fire caused flooding throughout three levels of the building. Minkoff performed major structural roof repairs, including the replacement of custom slate and copper metal work.

The grand ballroom, a dining room, and spiral stairwell incurred damages to custom woodwork that could not be replaced. Minkoff used our expertise to dry and preserve these finishes. Other work performed included asbestos abatement, installation of new HVAC systems, electrical work, partial window replacement, and ice blasting of the attic area. Custom plaster work with ornamental moldings was also replaced in the grand ballroom.

Minkoff was originally called in to consult on the restoration however, the Ambassador quickly realized that Minkoff had the most knowledge and ability to tackle the loss successfully.

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