Clagett Road Single Family HomeHyattsville, MD$500,000 Fire Restoration

A dehumidifier caught fire in the basement of a two-story home, causing a water pipe from above to burst. This extinguished the fire, but caused significant water damage.

The house suffered fire damage in the basement, as well as heavy smoke and water damage throughout. This loss was extremely difficult due to the massive volume of contents which needed to be packed out and cleaned.

The joists above the fire area were so severely burned, structural integrity was questionable. A complete demolition of the interior of the house was needed in order to remove odors trapped in hidden places such as air conditioner vents, and spaces behind the walls. During reconstruction, the entire home was renovated, enhancing its best features. The family added bathrooms, updated the kitchen, and created a new space upstairs with dormer windows.

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11716 Baltimore Avenue Beltsville, MD 20705
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